Review von The Difference between Life and Music

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you: “Tending to Huey”, one of the most creative and interesting bands on this planet. Four guys from Bavaria playing “Experimental Indie-Pop” with two drumsets, bass, guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion stuff, strings …

“Poison Apple” is their second album and the follower of “Beteigeuze”. Describing this sort of music is one of the hardest jobs you can imagine. It needs time to grow and to thrive. Tending to Huey consists of musicians, that know their craft – and you gonna fall in love with the singer’s voice. Your best bet would be to listen to the whole album on their Bandcamp site and in case you like it and have some money over, order their album.”

Danke an Phil von The Difference between Life and Music

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