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Tending To Huey is a 4-piece pop band from Würzburg, Germany. On a first-name basis, these guys are: Michael, Manuel, Daniel, and Christian. They began their musical journey in 2008, and released their debut album, “Beteigeuze” in 2010. They followed it with their second, and most recent, album, “Poison Apple“, which was released on July 8th, 2012.

“Poison Apple” features 12 songs, with warm, harmonizing vocals, fun instrumentation, and creative song structuring. Keyboards, synths, drums, horns, didgeridoo, percussion, samples, they got it all. Despite them being from Germany, and writing in German online, they sing beautifully in English. They sing catchy, melodic tunes of sunshine, love, happiness, fruit that tastes like homemade chicken soup, sadness, permanent pasts, and more. This album is more than just pop, as they bring in bits of other genre elements, such as rock, punk, and alternative hip hop (such as “Past Undone”). As they say, they are “trying to make Pop-Music interesting.” I guess I could say… don’t go in expecting something, because they’ll surprise you at every turn.

My personal favorites include: “Micromastia”, “Shady Side”, “Ibra Himali”, “The Last Snow of Winter”, and “Past Undone”. Check ‘em out.

You will get a physical copy of POISON APPLE:

– pressed on CD
– in a 2 – Page selfmade Digipak
– with an 16-Page Booklet (inc. all Lyrics and Liner Notes)

First Pressing of POISON APPLE is limited to 200 copys only!
Each Digipak has a Number (001 – 200) on the innersleeve!

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Thanks a lot Tiffany / CryonBeats!

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